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The most common questions about digital printing, stickers, promotional labels and light commercials are gathered here. If your question still remaines unanswered, please send an e-mail to blueprint@blueprintmedia.ee and we will respond as soon as possible.
What file formats do you use?
We prefer pdf files, but .eps, .cdr, .ai and .jpg files are also suitable. Please enclose fonts or convert text to curves (vectors), which ensures that your text remains on the printout exactly as you designed it.
How long does the production take?
It depends on the size and complexity of the project. Simpler stickers and posters get ready in a day or two, the time of more complex or time consuming projects is calculated individually.
How soon after painting the car can you cover it with stickers?
Car paint wants to “breathe” about two weeks before you can put stickers on it.
How do I recieve my orders?
You can come to us for yourself (Järvevana 3, Tallinn), or we will send you your order by courier.
When to prefer digital printing to offset printing?
Digital printing for small print runs is significantly cheaper. The cost of printing plates and paper consumption for color adjusting fall off. Fast delivery, no need for drying.


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