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In addition to the light letters, we also offer non-lit letters and figures of a variety of materials. Most common are polyvinyl chloride (PVC plastic), plexiglass or MDF, however, depending on the clients wishes, and the letters height and thickness, we also use aluminum, brass, polystyrene foam or other .
PVC plastic is white and the letters made of it are ​​mostly covered with film and the edges are painted.
The plexiglass letters look dignified, because the shiny glint of glass gives them a precious and well-groomed appearance. To increase the visual volume of the letters it is recommended to position  them at least 5-10 mm away from the wall. An extra layer of colored glass, polished stainless steel, or colored film can be pasted on the front layer.
PS foam is the most cost effective and easly processed material for 50 to 100mm or even thicker characters. The cut-out letters are painted with special plastic foam exterior paints, so that they can withstand even extreme weather conditions.
In addition to the above-mentioned options, the letters and logos can also be milled out of a sheet material so that they remain attached to the basis higher of the surface, or on the contrary deepened.


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