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If you want your ad to be used repeatedly and in different places, you might consider the use of the banner. Banners are printed on a special PVC material (there is a range of different PVC fabrics in the sortment), to which eyelets are added to simplify the installation and decommissioning. Pennant-style banners in which there are tunnels on top and bottom for aluminum tubes can also be made. The materials are weather-resistant, strong and flexible, they are easy to maintain and clean. We only need to choose the appropriate type of material. Banner can certainly form one of the most advantageous and hardy promotional materials for you.
PVC textile banner – this banners advantage is that it can be easily transported, it is easy to clean and it is very durable. Used for both indoor and outdoor advertising. Material withstands repeated folding and unpacking – can be easily rolled up and hung up in a next destination.
Mesh banners – suitable for large tensioned advertisements, because the fabric is light and will let the wind through.
Satin banners – used indoors or on different promotion construstions. Thanks to the special textile paints, colors are especially vivid and beautiful on these fabrics.
Bunting – very nifty on outdoor events. The design on the flag or banner is visible from both sides.


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