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The choice of stickers is very wide. Ordinary sticker is either white or transparent, either matte or glossy. Available with both fixed and removable adhesive. Ordinary stickers are not ment to be used for longer term, because the material shrinks over time. Long-term stickers are also transparent, white or colored. The correct choice of material ensures the stickers quality and long duration. The production method depends on the complexity and design of the stickers. Multi-colored images, photos and designs are printed on a sticker, simple and/or monochrome texts and shapes are cut out with sticker cutting machine. The cutting machine alsocomes handy if the quantities are small and ordering die-cut is unreasonable. It enables to produce large as well as super-small stickers.

We also offer the option to glue stickers to different sheet materials (wood, Viscom, Re-board, PVC, Plexiglas, Dibond, BIP, aluminum, etc.)


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